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Doki Doki Choice


What is

Doki Doki Choice Based?


Do you wish your choices mattered in DDLC? Do you want more endings in the game? Were these features a pain to add in? Yes, yes there were.

Doki Doki Choice Based is a mod intended to add more endings to DDLC based on the choices you make. You can pursue the girl of your dreams, ignore everyone, or watch everyone die around you. Will you join the club at all?

Mod Status

Do you want to know how far along I am? Well here's the place to check it out!

Download Link

Do you want to download the mod? Awesome! You can do that here.

This download link is for the demo!

Complete Ending List

This section is completely spoilers. It is advised that you don't check out this section until you get far with the mod on your own.

Act 1 is out now!


So... Have you decided to join my club yet?


Okay... I guess we can read together.


Sorry... When I read, all other surroundings seem to disappear.


Make sure you all bring a poem to share tomorrow!

Photo Gallery

*note, the poem is intentionally bad

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